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Type I and Type II Errors

After much deliberation in regards to which statistics topic should be privileged by being chosen as my first blog of 2012, I decided to opt for Type I and Type II errors.  This topic struck me as the most appropriate after lingering in my thought process after Monday’s research skills lecture.  I was happy to … Continue reading

Week 11’s comments for TA Merry Christmas TA, cheers for all of your hard work and help.

“Must the need for documented ethics procedures hinder research progress?”

Must the need for documented ethics procedures hinder research progress?  This is a contentious issue incessant throughout the history of psychological research; I will commence this discussion with a brief explanation of the ethical responsibilities researchers are presented with. Researchers have two basic categories of ethical responsibility: (1) responsibility to the individuals, both human and … Continue reading

Week 9’s comments for TA to mark

How do you know whether your findings are valid?

First and foremost I am going to provide you with a brief description of the term validity, because if you are anything like me the knowledge acquired from year one statistics has packed its bags and left me over the summer. Validity is a criterion for evaluating the quality of any measurement procedure, the validity … Continue reading