Semantic Satiation

This week, I have chosen to expand the working model of memory (Baddeley & Hitch, 1974), to include the phenomenon semantic satiation (Smith & Klein, 1990).  The working model of memory (Baddeley & Hitch, 1974) has become somewhat of a stalwart at the heart of extant literature on human memory, after having succeeded the multi-store … Continue reading

Triad 5

My task for the ‘Learning project’ is to become more fluent with Welsh language vocabulary. The learning channel will be see/say. SAFMEDs cards will be utilised with the English word on the front and the equivalent Welsh word on the back.  I will count my total correct and incorrect responses for the duration of one … Continue reading

Is there an alternative to significance testing?

Is there an alternative to significance testing? This question has acquired a kind of omnipresence this year, incessantly permeating its way into my blogs.  For this very reason I am going to confront the contentious issue directly; synthesizing some of the arguments that have been encountered. Firstly, it is important to consider why the world … Continue reading

Clinical Equipoise

This week’s blog will be dedicated to inform readers about ‘Clinical Equipoise’, a topic a little bit closer to my heart, as I have had a family member partake in a clinical trial.  I will commence by providing a brief definition of the term ‘Clinical Equipoise’; the basic concept is that clinicians have an ethical … Continue reading